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Business Exchange Club?

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.  I am Keanan Kintzel and co-founder of Blue Hawk Exchange. Why did we create this company?  Good question. The simple answer is my business friends and I had an epiphany one day that we were sharing our collective network with others who were not rewarding us properly for these new connections. We have many stories…

That said, it just seemed like the right thing to do.  We have evolved from just a few of us helping each other create leads, sales and new deals and acquisitions, into an expanding network across the Tampa Bay Area and beyond.

If you are interested in finding out more details how we can be of help to you, please do not hesitate to call.  And as always, I’m available more anytime to share some laughs over a nice cup of coffee.

Some Expansion Services

Networking, when done correctly, has a very long history of helping drive Free Enterprise around the globe. After obtaining his aeronautical engineering degree from Purdue University, Craig Kintzel, father of two of our founders, became a Top Gun Navy pilot flying F-8U’s off the USS Oriskany in the early days of Vietnam and then a Captain with American Airlines.

Along the way, a pilot friend introduced him to a direct sales and management opportunity that helped him 10X his family income so they could enjoy a lifestyle only dreamed of by the farm kids he grew up with.  We have studied these methods and technologies for six decades and can help easily and affordably bring them to your business too.

Some Weatlh Building Technologies

Acquisitions, Letters of Intent, Project “Deals”, Going Public, etc. all used to be reserved for the elite of the financial elite.  Not any more.  

By connecting with Blue Hawk Exchange, we have absorbed the various methods and techniques used by some of the most sophisticated venture capitalists and growth management firms.

We have established this company so that we an help our friends that have stellar services and products expand their enterprises to whatever goals and objectives and dreams they might have.  And we are here to help you too.

Proudly Serving Greater Tampa Bay